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Estate Auction

Sunday, June 2nd, 2019 at 12:30 PM

Snap on Promotional Items, Match Box, Model Trains,
Model Cars and Parts, NASCAR, Scale Model, Sports,
Knives, Bayonets, Jewelry, Books, Coins, Other

2248A ZZ Road, Strong City, KS
Saffordville Community Building.
Saffordville is on Highway 50 about 7 miles East of Strong City and about 10 miles West of Emporia. There is a sign along Highway 50. Exit Highway 50 and go South across the railroad to auction site.

PDF Sale Bill

70th anniversary 3/8 socket set with 24K gold letters IOB
80th anniversary 9 pc. Wrench set, 24K letters, IOB
95th  Flankard mug set
Earnhardt wrench set, 24K gold letters
Cutlery set
Cutting board/flatware
Alarm clock
6 pc. Knife set
2 jewelry chests/banks tool boxes
Jewelry chest/tool box

MATCH BOX (mostly 1960’s)
25 IOB
50 with no boxes, hardly played with
1962-1969 pocket catalogues

About 450 AHM, Athearn train engines, cars IOB, HO scale (in shipping boxes dated 1970’s)
Many other model trains
Large case of N scale trains
S gauge and O gauge trains
tracks, landscape items
A LOT of model train items

MANY model cars, and parts, many, many new parts such as axles, tires, pinion gears, etc.
Tools to work on models

MANY Earnhardt collectibles
Bowyer collectibles

Cars, pickups, etc.

Sheldon Ball Bat souvenir of KC Athletics
Several Royals baseballs-Brett, The Beginning, 1980

A pair of Western knives marked North American Hunt Club
35 Knives from pocket knives, bayonets to swords

Turquoise necklace
Rolex ladies watch
Necklace of elephants, believed to be carved from ivory
5 wedding band sets, some with diamonds, some without stones
Dinner rings
a box of wristwatch parts -kept for the precious metals
(family owned a jewelry store in the 1950’s)

100 years of Harley Davidson
95 years of Harley Pictorial
Nascar Winston Cup 2001
Chev. El Camino
Custom cars of the 50’s
Indy 500 centennial
Dale Earnhardt
5 decades of Corvette and more
VHS of Nascar and Elvis

COINS (Graded by professional)
1847 L Cent, VF
1851 L Cent, VF
1857 Fly Eagle, VF
1858 Fly Eagle,ll, VF
1909 P vdb XF
1926 S Lincoln Cent VF
1931 S Buf Nickel, BU
1944 S War Nickel, BU
1865 2 cent, VG
1868 3 cent nickel, XF
1911 D Barber dime, XF
1912 P Barber VF
1931 D Merc. Dime XF
1894 O Barber Quar. XF
1925 P St. Lib VF
1946 S Wash Quar. BU
1907 D Barber Half, VF
1913 P Barber Half, G+
1933 S W.L. Half, AU
1935 P W.L Half, M/S 61
1936 P W. L. Half, M/S60
1937 P W. L. Half M/S 60
1940 P W. L Half M/S 61
2- 1942 S W. L Half M/S 60
1945 S W. L Half M/S60
1957 P Franklin Half AU
1957 P Franklin Half Proof
1904 O Silver Dollar, M/S 62
1934 P Silver Dollar M/S 61
3-1916 1/10 oz gold BU
2000 Silver Eagle BU
20-1943 P & D Steel cents, XF+
30 1943 S Steel Cents, XF
37 Buf Nickles
1969 Proof Set
3-1981 Mint sets
9 Morgan Dollars
7 Peace dollars
Silver-$30.00 face value, quarters, halves, etc

Several pieces of Hall china, autumn leaf pattern (Jewel T), platters, bowls, cups and a creamer, table cloth to match (rough)
A collage of repro political buttons and original military medals
Phone to resemble a pay phone
Falstaff wall mount bottle openers
Craftsman hand held bottle opener
Storage totes
18 drawer heavy duty parts bin
2 wheel dolly’s


AUCTION ORDER: Coins, Jewelry, knives and then pot luck

NOTE: This family owned a jewelry store in the 50’s and obviously were avid model collectors. The items have been packed in boxes. Model train boxes are postmarked in the 70’s.

Auction will be over 2-2:30

Terms: Cash or approved check day of auction. Credit cards accepted with 4% transaction fee.

GOOD FOOD by Cowboy Cafe

Paul Hancock, Auctioneer
Emporia, KS 66801

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