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Saturday, March 13th, 2021 at 10:00 AM

Gun, Traps Advertising Auction:
Guns, Advertising Signs, Posters, Prints, Oil & Gas Advertising,
Bear Traps, Hunt & Fish Items, Western Collectibles,
Advertising Clocks, Tins, Windmill Weights, Salesman Sample,
Pedal Cars, Other Fine Collectibles

Saffordville Community Building
2248 A ZZ Road - Strong City, KS
Saffordville is about 10 miles West of Emporia Ks on Highway 50, or 7 miles East of Strong City. There is a Saffordville sign along the highway. Exit the highway and go South across the railroad tracks to auction site.

PDF Sale Bill


Selling 70 guns, Bear traps, Oil, Western and other Advertising. A lot of quality OLD items.
You will want to attend this auction!

Springfield 84C .22
RG Ind. RG 42 .25
Iver Johnson .32 Revolver #E41108
Iver Johnson 410
Single shot .22 parts gun
Winchester 1897 12 ga. parts gun
Winchester 1901 10 ga. Lever action parts gun
J Stevens Tip Up .32 rifle parts gun
Riverside Double Barrel .410 missing fire pins
Glenfield 65 .22 #72250995
Marlin 60 .22 #18506718
Remington Sportsman Solid rib 20 g, #1065059
Winchester 1911 1st Auto by Winchester, 12 ga. Widow Maker #72825
Remington 241 .22 S, #33084
Winchester 69 .22 bolt action, P sights
Remington 24 .22 auto, #87758
Winchester 270 .22 pump, #B806473
Winchester 69A .22 bolt action
Mossberg 44 US .22 bolt
Stevens model 41 .22 small tip up pistol, 3 1/2” barrel #52310
Stevens 35 Tip up .22 pistol, 8” barrel #2428A
Stevens 416 Target .22, bolt
Harrington & Richardson 165 Leather Neck .22 auto #1803
Marlin 1892 .22 round Barrel lever, #328009
Mossberg .22 pump, Model M octagon barrel #14967
Winchester 62 .22 pump #205698
Iver Johnson & Cycle .22 pistol, new in box, 4 1/2” barrel #H97859
Ruger Single Six 3 screw model .22 6 1/2” barrel, #366473
Browning Challenger II .22 auto #655PM01554
Marlin 1892 .22 octagon barrel, lever, #375034
Stevens Favorite 1915 .22, #J21
Stevens crack Shot 26 .22
Martel .22 early pump .22
High Standard Longhorn W104 .22 revolver, 9 1/2” barrel,  #2154215
Winchester 1890 .22 Long pump, #416050
Smith & Wesson 1st model .44 Russian Revolver #11710, late 1800’s
Remington 121 .22 pump, #192452
High Standard Super Matic .22 auto, weighted barrel, #413946
High Standard Sentinel Deluxe .22 revolver, like new in box, #2004841
Stevens Tip Up .32 octagon barrel rifle #21277
U S Springfield 1884 Trap Door Ram Rod, Bayonet, 45-70, #560597
Winchester 1873 .44, lever, #619827B
Winchester SuperX1 12 ga Trap model, #M46701
Colt 1849 Pocket Pistol , 4” barrel, detachable skeleton stock, 18” barrel,ALL numbers match #140228
Stevens Hunters Pet, .32 pistol, model 34, Matching numbers, #4397
Winchester 12 Light Weight 12 ga. #1821918F
Browning A5, 2,000,000 Anniversary model in original case, new, never fired, #1338 of 2500 made from 1971-1974
Winchester 9422 Lever action .22 #F80662
Winchester 94 Saddle Ring 30-30 NEW, 4431658
Beretta 92 F. S, 9 MM, 2 clips #E590312
Remington 11-48 16 ga.
Wards Western Field 12 ga. Single shot
Antique 12 ga home defense ‘gun’
Several pellet and BB guns
Daisy cork gun

Dr. Legears
Vitaway counter sign
Kendalls Spavin Cure
August Buermann ad
Eureka Harness oil
Lion Buggies
Studebaker buggies
LaBelle Creole Cigarettes
Country Club Beer
Buffalo Fertilizer 1910 calendar
Newsboy Plug Tobacco
Angus Breed introduced into USA, Victoria KS
Brighton Silk Garter counter display
Dr. Roberts gall Balm
Dr. Daniels medicines
Trade Cards
5 Dr. Pepper posters
Justin Boot
Carter’s Early Risers
Red Indian motor oils
Heydt’s Yankee Label Bread
Red Man
Indian Girl Tobacco
Big Feather cigars
Yellow Cab cigars
Rock Hill Buggy Co
Red X Pharmacy, Emporia
Clay Robinson & Co
Wilburn Wagon Co
Ks. Livestock
Ks. Cowbelles
Farm Bureau
Sunbeam Bread, metal
Rainbo Bread with bracket
Postal Telegraph, porcelain, double
Infallible smokeless Tobacco
Sleepy Eye flour
Montana Frank round up
Buffalo Bills Wild West
New Departure cultivators
Star Tobacco porcelain
Star Tobacco blue double sided porcelain
Mallard Seed corn porcelain
Van Skiver for Governor, porcelain

Sinclair 5’ x 7’ Porcelain, double sided
Red Crown Gasoline barrel, 29” tall, 26” diameter
Golden Glow auto oils 2 qt. Pour can
Quaker State
Red crown
Oil Well
Polarine porcelain

Oneida Newhouse #6 Animal Trap Co
Oneida Newhouse 150
Nelson Bodie #5 trail trap, Pontiac MI
About 100 various other foot traps, Victor, Newhouse, Triumph, Tube trap
Knives include Remington, Marbles, Normark, Scout, Case, Buck
Decoys, canvas, Victor animal trap Co
Decoy weights
Forged fish gigs
Fish reels include Penn 85, Pflueger Rocket, Simmons Hardware, Wooden lures
Bullet Trap
Lee and RCBS reloading dies
Bullet molds
Empty brass
12, 16, 20 ga. Ammo
1944 Dummy load
1962 105 shell case
Quite a few collectible shell boxes, all sizes (see photo’s)
Original 1931 Peters cartridge calendar
Cleaning kits, oil cans, Marbles clean rod in original bags
Remington 1946 calendar
Shakespeare 1948 calendar
Winchester 1946 Calendar
Colt, Federal, Browning and Winchester banners
Wooden ammo boxes, Peters, Western, Nitro .410, Berkely Bait
Arrow head and points, Banner stone, Large point, 1 full groove
Ben Pearson, Bear recurve bows
Coyote, Beaver, Badger, Red Fox, River otter pelts
150 gun stocks

Unusual crockery spittoon
Whip holder
Armor and Co , Pfaelzer Bros, Libby, McNeil & Libby paper weights
Curry comb with embossed horse
Square tea kettle
Hand made axe heads, hatchets
Unusual boot jack
Odd spurs
5 forged ring bits
5 forged bits, 1 silver inlay
US #2 and 3 bits
Camp fire forged items
Calf weaner collection
Neck Yoke
Millers wagon jack-1883
Cast dehorners
Fence stretchers
Old flax seeders
elephant still banks
Cast iron mail box
Brass sleigh bells
Cast horse head hitching post toppers
Pharaoh’s horses picture
Barbed wire collection
Snow shoes
Stage coach strong box
Brothel Bedroom oil lamp
Carbide cannon

ADVERTISING CLOCKS (all in working order)
Butter Nut coffee
Allis Chalmers
Dr. Pepper
Phillips 66
Mobil gas
Santa Fe
Y-B cigars
Pocket watches
Unusual and fancy mantle and kitchen clocks

Sunshine Biscuit
Big Sioux Biscuit
Crescent coffee
Hills Bros

10 ft #2
Hummer E180

Cattle water fountain

Jet Flow station wagon
Murray Sedan

Traffic light
Fidelity blasting machine #50
Blasting wedge
Cast iron cookware
Case Eagle
Michelin cast door stop
Round cast iron seat
JD and Farmall cast seats
Several deer antlers
Boar skull
70” longhorns
Longhorn skull, 64” horns
Foot pedal car horn
Brass cash register, assembly required

AUCTION ORDER: Will sell a table of collectibles to start the auction. About 10:15 will start on guns, while working in other fine collectibles. Just be there!!!

SELLER: wishes to be anonymous

Paul Hancock, Jase Hubert auctioneers

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