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Saturday, July 31st, 2021 at 10:00 AM

Guns, Large Collection of Cartridges,
Shell Boxes, Reloading, Collectibles

2248A ZZ Road, Strong City KS. (Saffordville Community Center)
Saffordville Community Center is about 7 miles East of Strong City and 10 miles West of Emporia on highway 50. There is a large Saffordville sign. Exit Highway 50 and go south across railraod tracks to Auction site.

PDF Sale Bill

Colt Lord and Lady pair of Derringers, .22S IOB
Hawes Firearms Western Marshall .357 revolver, 6” barrel
Hy Hunter Inc. Firearms (West Germany) .22 revolver, S,L, LR, 5 1 / 2”
Rohm model 66 .22 mag revolver, 6”, 2 cylinders, Germany
High Standard .22 Mag Derringer, 2 barrels
Iver Johnson Arms and Cycle Works 5 shot .32 revolver, 3 1 / 4”
Raven Arms P-25 .25 auto
H & R 622 .22 revolver / holster
Iver Johnson Arms .32 revolver
Sentinel MK IV High Standard Sporting Arms .22 Mag, 3 1 / 2” IOB
Belgium made BP hand gun
Remington 66 Mohawk .22LR
Ithaca Featherlight 16 ga. 2 3 / 4” pump
Binelli Super 90 12 ga., semi 3” or 2 3 / 4”, synthetic stock
Excel .410 single shot
Central arms Co .410 double barrel
Marlin Firearms Glenfield 60 Golden 50 .22LR with Squirrel motif
Endres Royal Service double barrel 20 ga, hammer
Precision Ind. Arms Ozark Mo. Wildcat single shot .22, twist barrel to load
1925 Ovledo Mauser
Remington 17 20 ga pump
Wetherby Mark .22 LR semi
NRA 100th Anniversary Commemorative BB long gun and matching handgun, both believed to be unfired.
Springfield / Savage Arms 120A, bolt action .22 S, L, LR
Sporterized Mauser 30-06 bolt action

A Few 2 piece
Somewhere between 300 and 500 empty boxes, all ages and makes
Wooden case boxes, Winchester, etc.

The old hand reloading tools
Powder horns
Powder tins, all ages
Reloading tins,
a few primers and some powder
A number of Cartridge collector books, magazines, gun journals
2 Large barrels of spent shotgun shells

Highlights include:
.44 Exey Paper
.44 Xlong
9MM paper shot
.38 Merwin hulbert
Martin 5070
Express 50-110
Canegen 7MM
.46 Long Case Rem. Carbine
S&W .35 auto
Webby .44 (1875-1939)
Herrett's Wildcat Cartridge
British Revolver .442 (1868)
German Ordinance 10.6
1871 Rem. Army pistol .50
.44 Game Getter
Spencer .56-50
Metal sign of Winchester cartridges (remake in 1974)

Unusual clock of minutes instead of hours
Large Indian pottery jar
Wooden Pipe wrench, possibly Patent Model?
Cast iron kitchen tools, includes Holts Egg beater, 1899
Pegasus brass full body
Cast wall lamp with reflector
A few hunting knives
Cast boot door stop
Leather tools, riveter, etc.
A few Tonka toys

Great Auction, Much more than listed.

No Buyers premium, no sales tax.
Inspection day of auction only.
Guns sell first followed by cartridges and related items

Terms: Cash or approved check or credit card with 4% fee day of auction.

Don't call and ask for details. I don't have any more than listed. Just come to the auction and look, you won't be disappointed. Will unpack the items on Thursday prior to the auction.

Paul Hancock, Jase Hubert Auctioneers

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